Thursday, May 3, 2012

Heroic Hagara down!

After about oh, 20 attempts or so over two raid nights, we finally downed Hagara the stormbinder!  Or as I like to call her, Hagara bitchface.

Nothing terribly exciting or anything, just wanted to share our 4th heroic boss kill and talk a little about the fight.

Definitely not one of my favorites due to the insane RNG factor.  The Ice lance/Ice tomb mechanic can either make or break your group - like when we had her down to 30% and both our healers got ice tombed.  Given that the fight is dependent on 3 healers rotating their cooldowns on the tank every 10 seconds, this meant our tank just dropped like a rock.  During another pull our healer ate 3 ice lances at once and died, leaving us in the same crappy situation.

I'm not sure why Blizzard hates healers so much - it seems like almost every other dragon soul encounter description or video guide begins with "this fight is very stressful for your healers..."  Yeah, like all the other fights.

At least on heroic mode the phase transitions are more challenging and make the fight less boring.  On normal mode it's a total snooze, whereas on heroic the ice phase makes you clench your buttcheeks and grip your mouse!

I think what I miss most from Dragon Soul in general is the lack of adds.  It's nice to have one or two tank-and-spank fights as a breather but a whole raid of basically nonstop tank and spank is too much.  Spine and Deathwing is really the only add-heavy fight.  Blackhorn, maybe, but only for the first phase.

I really miss fights like Valithira Dreamwalker or Lady Deathwhisper.  Especially on 25man mode where people would be running all over the room CCing and tanking and kiting and killing things, and someone would scream over vent, "BLAZINGGGG!!!!" or "MC ON ME!!!" and people would drop whatever they were doing and run halfway across the room to take care of business.

Ah, here I go again, reminiscing about the good old days of Wrath.  What can I say, ICC was the most epic raiding experience I've had.  Nothing in Cata has even come close.

Tonight is Blackhorn!

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