Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I'm back, baby

The hiatus is over, in case anyone cared!

A little over a year ago, I stopped blogging about my wow adventures.  Mainly it was due to the fact that D3 was going full steam at that point and Cataclysm was in its dying throes.  It was those last few painful months of an expansion's lifespan where everyone has cleared the latest content and were just waiting around leveling alts or running old content until the next xpac dropped.

So it was a boring time for me.  I was planning on continuing the blog around Diablo, but D3 was such a sad sad disappointment that...I really don't even want to go into it.  Maybe it will redeem itself with the Reaper of Souls (remember how vastly more awesome D2: Lord of Destruction was compared to original D2?) but I'm not holding my breath.

Anyways, MoP.  It seems like it's been out forever and people are already waiting around for the next xpac.  But really, it's only been out a year.  I know this because right around when it dropped people were staying up till midnight to log in, but I couldn't because it was the first day of classes...

Overall MoP has been a successful expansion for all the wrong reasons.  The shift towards catering to casuals has been more and more aggressive.  With the introduction of scenarios, LFR at all tiers of raiding, and now flex raiding, it seems like organized guilds are almost a thing of the past.  With addons like O-Queue you can clear the raid using flex and get all the gear you want.  Do a couple heroic scenarios and you can cap valor in one day.  Zones like timeless isle makes it easier than microwaving a burrito to gear out your alts in near-current tier stuff.  Who would bother with alt raid nights these days?

This is not to say I have not bought into all of this either.  Well of course I'm going to run flex and LFR and all that at a chance to get tier tokens or that one trinket that never drops in raid.  And of course I'll send out BoA gear to all my alts like everyone else.  If you can't beat them...

At the least the raids have been more or less interesting.  The first tier was pretty disappointing but progressively raid design has gotten better, imo.  I enjoyed how Blizz stuck true to the "theme" of the dungeon in both heart of fear and Terrace (although the latter felt just a little bit like Trial of Crusader...the big circular platforms and lack of adds, if you know what I mean.).  Throne of Thunder was really fun, with interesting fight mechanics (Durumu took the meaning of cutter beam to new heights, and Animus was certainly creative, if a bit of a pain in the ass) and a full-length raid with plenty of challenge.

So far Siege of Orgrimmar has yet to disappint.  With 14 bosses, multiple trash packs and many different fight zones (you start all the way from Pandaria and make your way into the underbelly of Org) and a gradual difficulty slope, I think it's going to keep me entertained at least for the next couple months.

What's next for WoW?  Who knows.  I haven't kept up with all the forum gossip about the new xpac, so I literally have no clue what it may be.  Personally I think the Emerald Dream would be interesting.  As long as we don't get sent into any more underwater zones I think I'll be happy!  And no more cutesy pandas!!!

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