Friday, June 19, 2015

Too little too late

I think I've just about had it with my guild.  For a while now I've been feeling like we've been drifting apart, but now might be the time to cut the cord for good.

Since the release of BRF I've switched from playing a dps toon to healing since we needed a healer to fill in for a missing person.  That's fine, I didn't mind too much.  At that point, I had progressed through heroic Highmaul and even downed imperator on my rogue all through the group finder.  I didn't feel like I was "missing out" on progression by not raiding with the guild on my dps toon, so that was all good.

And it was, for a while.  I enjoyed healing, and I even found a steady group to progress through BRF on my rogue every week.  But then problems started a couple of months ago when attendance dropped off dismally in the guild.  People started bailing at the last minute or not signing up at all, and we were getting into BRF (normal mode, mind you) maybe like 3-4 times a month.  On no less than two occasions raid was cancelled at literally the last minute because our GM was "not feeling up to it".  Fine.  Whatever.

It was fine, though, my rogue was progressing along with the other group (the schedules were different so there was no conflict) and I even managed to get a heroic blackhand kill with a random pug group.  Hooray for AOTC!

After that I kind of lost interest in raiding.  My main guild wasn't really clearing anything, and I already had my blackhand kill on my rogue, so I was content to just sit tight and wait for the next patch cycle to bring some new content.

Well, apparently a couple of weeks ago our GM decided that she REALLY wanted AOTC before the patch drops.  And so she kicked up raiding into gear again in a frantic attempt to get the blackhand kill.  Last night I wasn't even going to raid but was roped into it and ended up staying an hour later than I intended.  Actually, when I called it quits, she was trying to get people to stay even later (not sure if it actually happened though).  And now I see that she's put up raid signups EVERY SINGLE DAY until next Tuesday, when the patch drops.

Here's my issue with what she's doing:

1.  A few months ago she was content to pretty much ignore progression and just do a few normal bosses or cancel raid altogether when we had less than 10 signups.  I suggested pugging a few people but she was very hesitant to do that.  Well, now that the patch is a few days away that really lit a fire under her ass (she's a huge achievement whore) and she didn't have a problem bringing pugs in last night in a desperate attempt to get a blackhand kill.

So what's the deal?  Back when she wasn't excited about raiding pugs were not good enough for her, and now that she's about to miss out on her AOTC suddenly that's all cool?  WTF?

2.  She told everyone to come focused and watch videos, etc.  I laughed at that, because pretty much all throughout BRF she has been completely clueless.  It was usually me or a couple other people who had done the fight before that had to explain everything.  Which is fine, except that she still likes to scream at people as if she knows what's going on.  Case in point: she yells at people to not get stamped on H&F, but when you look at skada, she gets stamped more than anyone else.  Someone stands in fire?  She yells at them.  When she stands in fire, she always has an excuse - 'I was too busy watching the tanks hp".

Bottom line is, if you want to actually lead the raid, then you need to know what's going on in the fight and you need to lead by example.  You can't show up with zero knowledge about mechanics and then make more mistakes than anyone else, and then expect others to perform better.

3.  She changed raid schedules and times.  When I initially committed to raid, that was based on certain times and dates.  And now that we're raiding at times that I specifically said I couldn't/didn't want to do, it's unfair of her to rope me into this shit.  Yeah, I could say no and I probably should, but I feel bad when she says shit like "we really need a healer~~~~"

This is a really long rant.  I guess what I really want to say to my GM is: You were content to sit back and be lazy and ignore progression, and now that the patch is a few days away and you want your AOTC you suddenly pressure everyone to raid.  We could've had AOTC three months ago if you had actually stuck to the raid schedule, pugged a few spots when we had to, and didn't make mistakes constantly and stand in fire.  Well, just because you want it now doesn't mean I'm going to sacrifice my weekend making it happen for you.  You don't get to slack off for months and phone it in, and then suddenly go all drill sergeant hardcore trying to get everyone to push progression at the last minute.  I'm done.  I'll be pugging my way through Hellfire Citadel on my rogue, like I did with HM and BRF.

/end rant

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