Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mogging efforts

I am so excited for transmogging, and with every preview and PTR patch notes, the harder it is to contain my excitement! I'm finally going to look the way I want my character to look, as opposed to whatever garbage gear blizz decides to slap onto me.

I don't expect to look "unique" or anything - from what I've gathered on the forums, every other rogue is going to be rocking Bloodfang, so I don't expect to be original. Hopefully though, most people will go for the original red bloodfang rather than the blue recolor that I'm going for.

After months of BC heroic dungeon grinding, I have finally completed the look I want - it's mainly the blue recolor of the bloodfang set they introduced in BC, but with a few tweaks of my own. I swapped out the bulky boots (makes me calves look big!) with a more skintight version, added in a matching cloak and found a good dark blue shirt to go with it. I'm not a fan of the exposed-elbow-look you get when you don't stick on a shirt with set pieces.

As for the weapons I thought that Timeslicer matched perfectly, with the graceful yet deadly blue design. Starlight dagger was also a good choice (I love the brutal serrated edges), but unfortunately it's a specifically main hand dagger :( I just want to add that getting that stupid dagger took me about 20 kills of Epoch Hunter in Old Hillsbrad. Anyone who's tried to farm a scripted instance knows that a pain in the ass that the end I wanted to kill Thrall myself.

Here is also another set that I like - I might have to switch between the bluefang (ooh I just made up a nickname) and this one. It's rather flashy for a rogue (can you imagine trying to sneak around while flashing this much bling?) but who really cares? This isn't an RP realm...

It's the gold recolor of the Nightslayer set, another excellent and popular set that drops from Molten Core. I especially love the look of the mask/helm - subtle yet chic. Unfortunately the original Nightslayer was a little too "bleh" for me. I already had a dark bluish set, I really didn't feel the need for another one. The gold recolor looked absolutely gorgeous, and had that cool plate mail look to it that I loved but is unfortunately not often available to leather classes.

My only problem was the shoulders - the original ones look like bowling balls (or D-cups, depending on who you ask) and it just looked hideous. Trying to find something else that matched was also a big challenge since that bronzed-gold tone is unique to this set. I experimented with pretty much every shoulder model & color that wowhead had to offer, and came up with this one. I'd have preferred a black motif, of course, but at least this one has a gold trim that matches the rest of the set pretty well (many gold tones looked too orange or yellow). By throwing on a red/gold cape and completing the look with black/gold/red daggers, the shoulders flow with the rest of the set pretty nicely.

The minor tweak I had to make was to swap out the fat calf boots with a skintight version. Other than that I think everything is the original intended recolor except the shoulders.

Farming this one will be a bit tricky though - while I can acquire everything easily from BC heroics, the weapons are a drop from a Sunwell raid boss. My guild is doing some transmog gear runs, and my best bet is to just hope that it drops during one of those runs. I don't think you can 2-man Sunwell easily...

So yeah, it looks like when 4.3 hit, I'll be rolling around Orgrimmar either as a dark blue assassin, or a ritzy gilded ninja. Can't wait!

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