Tuesday, October 4, 2011

FL Nerf

Last week our guild went into FL for the first time since the massive raid-wide nerf (25% nerf to all bosses HP and damage). Having downed normal Rag literally a few days before the nerf hit, we pat ourselves on the back and took a short break, and came back ready to f*** s*** up.

We decided to go straight away for heroic Shannox. He still wasn't a pushover on heroic mode, and it took us a good 20 attempts or so to down. Having spend the majority of the raid night on the encounter, we called it a night.

The next day we came back and to clear the rest of the raid on normal. We only had 9 people online so we begin clearing trash, figuring that once someone logs on we'll work on bosses.

We waited a while and no one came on, so we decided to 9-man Rhyolith. And he went down easy. Like, we poked him a few times with a sharp stick and he cried, "I surrender!" and crumbled. And dropped my new helm! Finally I can get rid of the ugly monstrosity known as tier 11.

Next was Beth'tilac. Again, easily one-shotted. Alysrazor was a total joke. Not only was HP and damage nerfed, they had nerfed the two most crucial mechanics that made the fight somewhat difficult - the fire tornado was slowed down, and the flame druid initiates no longer spammed fieroblast. Given that my personal biggest screwup is not interrupting the fieroblast, that made my life a whole lot easier. And given that whenever someone dies, it's usually to that fire tornado, the encounter was a breeze. With 9 people we were able to beat our previous kill record, and everyone was just sort of stunned into silence after we downed her. "Seriously...that's it?"

We brought in a 10th finally for Baleroc, but I feel like we could've easily 9-manned that too. At least we got the speed kill achievement.

Ragnaros was also significantly easier. We had only one wipe and the second try was a little messy but we got the job done. I didn't notice much in the way of damage reduction but the phase transitions sure went a heck of a lot quicker with that massive 25% nerf to HP.

We're planning on attempting more heroic modes this week. My guess is they'll be pretty challenging, but given how boring the normal modes were, the heroics will actually provide some challenge. I guess my question to Blizz is, did you really have to nerf so much? I feel like a simple 10% nerf would've been sufficient, or maybe just a 25% nerf to HP and leave the mechanics alone. Yes, we like loot but we also like to not pass out from boredom while raiding.

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