Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's my time to shine

The big source of QQing among the general populace has been the introduction of the new legendary. Why the complaints? Unlike any of the previous legendaries, this one is 100% class-specific. You MUST be a rogue to obtain and use this legendary set of daggers.

Sure, Thunderfury was unavailable to some folks (Actually I think besides druids, shamans and priests everyone was able to at least meet the weapon proficiency) - even if it was useless for a mage or something, he could at least use it just for bragging rights. There was no specific flavor text excluding folks like that.

Then came along other legendaries such as Atiesh and Warglaives of Azzinoth which specifically limited the legendary to certain classes. But the point is that it's always been more than one class - Atiesh was open to druids, mages, priests and warlocks, for example. Thori'dal, the legendary bow, clearly was intended for Hunters, but rogues and warriors COULD technically get it (despite the criticism some guilds received for doing so).

Well, the Fangs of the Father is rogue-specific. I don't care if warriors and hunters and shamans can use it too. You're not a rogue, you can't even get the quest.

There was a tense couple of weeks (at least for me) after the announcement of the rogue legendary where I wondered if I was going to get it or not. Legendaries are almost impossible to complete without the backing of an entire guild, as it requires multiple raid clears to collect the quest items. My status in the guild at this time was a little uncertain, as I had recently come back from a 6-month absence during which time I raided with a different guild. There were extenuating circumstances to be sure, but let's just say that there were certainly more loyal guild members than myself who did not jump ship.

Anyways, I was welcomed back with open arms and I filled a gap in the roster (namely melee DPS). I also made it clear that I was totally fine with sitting out on raids - I came back for the friendships, not to be a loot whore. I was also so overcome with gratitude for being allowed back that I damn near flooded the gbank with herbs and fish to help out with the raid supplies, and continue to do so on a regular basis.

Despite my best efforts to show the guild that I was loyal and willing to contribute, whether the guild would back me up on getting the legendary was another story. I think the deciding factor, really, was that there was simply no other rogue to give it to. I was the only main rogue, and while people had alt rogues and such, not one of the were even on the backup raid roster. I think even the veterans in the guild would've agreed that giving the legendary to an alt rogue would have been somewhat unfair.

So about a month before the new patch dropping, I did get a pesudo-confirmation that I was to receive the guild's help in getting the legendary. Woohoo! Step 1 complete.

I scoured information from the PTR related to the legendary questline and it looked pretty fun, and thankfully required minimal participation from the whole guild other than just downing bosses. Apparently there was some real roguish quests involved, requiring you to pickpocket, sap, stealth, and sneak your way into the heart of enemy territory.

As soon as the patch hit we ventured into the new raid, where I was to pickpocket the 4th boss to start off the legendary questline. The first 4 bosses were a breeze and I pickpocketed, turned it in, paid 10,000g for the next step in the quest, and waited 12 hours (also part of quest).

The next part had be stealth my way into Ravenholdt manor, which was very easy. I simply sapped and sprinted my way through the whole thing. After a pretty cool little cutscene where Deathwing's son propositions me, I made my way to the ruins of Gilneas city where I was to repeat the whole sneaking process.

Oh boy, was this one hard. I had read on the PTR forums that it was easy, but apparently they tripled the number of guards or something. The entire city was crawling with mobs, with every corner thickly covered with patrols and idle guards.

I tried my best, but after about 10 attempts where I got no further than halfway in, I gave up! I'm ashamed to admit that I used a trick where you fly in part-way, jump down, and re-stealth to get credit. I guess you can say that a rogue uses all the tricks up her sleeve to get the job done, so in a way it's ok? Whatever, I still don't feel good about it, and if I had another chance I'd like to go back and try to do it without exploits. But the thing was, I only had one night to get this done before the raid went back into Dragon Soul and I didn't want to miss any chances of getting the gem clusters (of which I need 333 for the next part of the quest).

After that, I had to solo an elite-level boss. I was checking my bags to make sure I had enough potions, bandages and whatnot, when I see an alliance rogue come up an engage the boss! It was the same rogue who I had seen wiping over and over to this guy (as evidenced by how many times he had to rez at the questgiver each time). I knew it wasn't quite fair, but I ran in and helped out, and we ended up 2-manning it pretty easily. I normally don't help ally scum, but hey you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

We both emoted /thank to each other, turned in our quests, and now I'm the proud owner of the stage 1 dagger set of Fangs of the Father, the Jaws of Retribution: Fear and Vengeance. Wow, that is a very long title.

These babies are very, VERY nice. It gives you a stacking agility buff which is amazing (basically +100 agility for any fight longer than a minute). I'm pretty sure they're the sole reason why I suddenly skyrocketed to the top of the DPS meters during last night's raid. Let's just say there's a certain warlock whom I've never outDPSed up till now...and last night he was a good ~3000 DPS behind me!

One rather unfortunate thing about this legendary questline is that any rogue, and I mean ANY old scrub rogue, can get the stage 1 daggers. Since it doesn't actually require a raid boss kill (just pickpocket, which resets after a wipe anyways), a rogue can simply pay another guild to just come in for a few minutes at the 4th boss and get the item. The rest of the sneaking, etc, can be soloed.

This has led to a lot of people either asking in trade chat to come pickpocket, or raid leaders advertising that they're willing to let rogues come pickpocket for a fee. This has not been banned or anything yet, so it looks like pretty soon you'll see rogues everyone run around with the Jaws of Retribution.

At least with Dragonwrath, the previous tier legendary, you had to clear ~30 bosses in firelands before you could even get the stage 1 item. With this, however, all you need is some cash and maybe a friend who's in a raiding guild. Sigh.

Oh well, at least the stage 2 doesn't look like a terribly long grind. I'm already up to 51/333 shadowy gems. Looks like the drop rate is about 4-7 per boss, so at this rate I should have the stage 2 daggers, Maws of Oblivion, in about 6 weeks or so.

Legendary, here I come!

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