Monday, December 5, 2011

Patch 4.3: Hour of Twilight

The title of the patch is apt, since an hour is about all it takes to see the new major content.

Mind you, I'm not complaining. I love the three new heroics they added in. Each take no more than 20-30 min to run (my record is 15 min in an all-guild run), the mechanics are interesting (yet not so punishing as the Zul's), and the rewards are very nice.

Are they a little too easy? For sure. On my rogue the content is almost trivial. Mobs die so quickly that I can actually just stunlock them for 8-10 seconds and they die silently without ever getting to hit the tank. On my priest it's less trivial, but still quiet easy - let's just say that I've yet to go oom on a pull.

End Time is probably my favorite, since you can literally finish the whole instance in under 20 minutes with a good group and the right combination of bosses. Baine, Sylvannas and Jaina can be killed with no more than 2 trash pulls each. The only one that forces you to pull multiple trash packs is Tyrande, and already that one is becoming everyone's most hated boss.

Murozond is, I think, one of the funnest fights in the expansion. It's a DPS race on speed where you get 5 bloodlusts and burn all your cooldowns with the comforting knowledge that you'll be brought back to full health and full CDs in just a few seconds. I've yet to wipe on Muro, even with the most inexperienced and craptacular DPS.

With everyone getting new gear, DPS in general seems to be improving too. I've only seen one guy pull sub-10k. Despite 10k being the benchmark for the Zandalari dungeons, 10k seems to be adequate to clear these new dungeons. It surprised me a little, as I would've thought blizzard would set the bar a little higher than this. One would expect a ilvl 370-ish player to pull at least 15k but perhaps that is unfair to the 80% of the community who have never heard of

The ease of the new heroics has created a rather interesting conundrum actually. I've found that healing the new heroics is much, much easier than trying to heal an "oldschool" heroic dungeon.

I tried to heal a Stonecore a couple days ago, expecting it to be a breeze, and boy was I wrong. We wiped on Corborus after two DPS ate it on the dust flail. I'd also like the point out that the rogue had the audacity to say "man this game has gone downhill" if the game is to blame for your failure.

Whereas with all of the Hour of Twilight dungeons, I've yet to wipe because everyone seems to just be better - better at DPS, better at interrupts, better at not standing in shit...just doing better. I've only seen a handful of truly clueless people but usually the other 4 people make up for the slack. It's so easy to just chain-run 4-5 dungeons in under a couple of hours and cap out on valor, maybe pick up a couple pieces of gear and maelstrom crystals. And if the satchel is up, hey maybe I'll even get a pet or two!

As far as the other content goes, I have not experienced enough of it to say. Our guild did clear 4/8 bosses on one raid night, and we're tackling the rest of it tonight. I didn't think a full clear the first week would be doable, but it might just actually happen, we'll see. Darkmoon Faire just started yesterday and already I have a new pet. The mini games are entertaining, but nothing that I'd actually be doing if it didn't award DMF tickets.

And as for the rogue legendary...I think that deserves a post all on its own. It is, after all, legendary.

Overall a good patch! It's almost like back in wrath when heroics were a joke!

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