Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Am I spoiled?

As my alt projects all seem to peter out one after another, I have to stop and ask myself...am I just not cut out for anything other than a rogue? Am I spoiled for everything else?

The only modest success I've had with alts is my priest. Almost everything else I've tried I just can't, or won't enjoy it. Even with the priest I'm definitely not at the level of play that my rogue is at. Yeah, it's kind of fun to heal because it's so easy these days and my mana is limitless, but it's not like I'm motivated enough to go raid on my priest. Even when I see trade chat light up "LF 1 more healer for DS fresh" or some other crap, I just don't wanna do it.

All my other alts, I have no problem leveling them up, but end-game play is just way beyond the amount of commitment I want to put in. The rewards are just not there. Sure, I tanked on my paladin for a bit, but I won't even do LFR with her. The thought of tanking for 24 idiots is really too much. My shaman just hit 85 and my god, she's so boring to play. Despite the fact that enhance shamans have one of the more dynamic rotations!

What I've found is that I can't stand any of the following:

Long CDs...or any CDs really
Long cast times
Slow resource regeneration (mana, focus etc)
Having/managing pets
Slow damage ramping

I mean, basically anything that is not a rogue, I don't like playing. I tried to play ret pally and I was outraged that I could not simply spam all my abilities like I do with a rogue. What is this 6 second cooldown nonsense? I have to wait 6 seconds between abilities??? I can spam hemo almost nonstop on my rogue thanks to my ridiculous energy regen. What is this waiting business?

I tried to play a warlock, the pet drove me freaking nuts. Why are you even here? Why do my spells take so damn long to cast? Why do my DoTs take so long to kill anything? The pace just felt glacial.

I tried to play a hunter, and using focus as a resource was aggravating. Why does it refill so damn slow? You mean I can only cast two arcane shots? What is this steady shot nonsense and why the hell does it have a cast bar?

The list just goes on and on. It's a terrible shame because there are 9 other ways to play this game out there and I just can't get into any of it.

Hopefully the monk class will be enjoyable...

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