Monday, April 9, 2012

Fangs of the Father

How is it that I always forget to post about the important things? I got my legendary daggers last week!!!

Amidst attrition and poor raid attendance our guild continued to clear DS week after week. With the hard work of our GM who was able to bring in some semi-regular PuGs to help fill gaps, and the core raid members who didn't complain once about the tough situation, we were finally able to get together the last remaining few gems for my stage 2 legendary collection. As luck would have it, I was exactly 7 short as we began the newly nerfed (15%) Dragon Soul last week.

We downed heroic Morchok with ease and even managed to get heroic Ultraxion on our second try! We had put in quite a few attempts on him already but always came up short on DPS due to some poorly geared people. With the new round of nerfs and the help of some well-geared PuGs, we were able to easily make the enrage timer and down him! My gem count began to climb towards 60...

After we downed spine, I was at 60. I hearthed back to Ravenholdt to turn them in and get the final quest in the chain - kill Deathwing and bring back a fragment of his jaw.

Deathwing went down without much of a fight - to be honest it was stupidly easy with the new nerfs. We were killing the arm tentacles before it even began casting cataclysm and we didn't suffer any of our usual tank deaths on the 4th platform. We downed him in record time and I was back on my way to Ravenholdt to get my hands on the legendaries!

When I entered Ravenholdt I knew something was up. The area was phased so that the grounds were on fire and there were dead dragons scattered about. I found Wrathion and his assistant Fahrad outside in a little clearing. When I turned in the fragment of deathwing's jaw I saw the achievement light up "Fangs of the Father" as well as "Fangs of the Father Guild Edition"! Before I could even respond to the wave of "grats!" the cutscene began to play...

As it turns out Fahrad himself is a member of the black dragonflight. And since Wrathion is the only known black dragon free of the corruption of the old gods...that means Fahrad is also under the sway of the madness that gripped deathwing as well. Wrathion's final command was for me to kill Fahrad, who screams "YOU HAVE BECOME TOO DIFFICULT TO CONTROL!" before transforming into a giant black dragon. I put an end to him and his madness using my gleaming new daggers, and Wrathion disappears mysteriously with the words, "A new age for mortals has dawned, and heroes like you are among the vanguard..."

One thing I was REALLY bummed about was that I downloaded and ran fraps of the whole thing, and for some reason it didn't capture any of the actual cutscene! It only got the portion of my landing on Ravenholdt to turn in the quest and the phased area afterwards. Basically everything except the cutscene, which is obviously the coolest part of the whole experience. Oh well. My guildies can look it up on youtube.

It was kind of lame that I didn't get to have a realm-wide experience upon completion of the legendary like Dragonwrath, but I guess this really goes with the whole theme of rogues better. We work alone in the shadows, it's only fitting that we reap the benefits of our dirty deeds alone as well.

But of course none of it would have been possible without the guild. I thanked them profusely and flew back to org where they were all assembled to check out the fruits of their hard labor. My GM even enchanted them both free of charge! <3

The best part of the legendaries has got to be the wings. Yeah yeah, I know the stats are wickedly awesome, but really it's going to be replaced by even more awesome quest greens when MoP drops. But I'm willing to bet that no quest greens in MoP will have a 5 min CD on-use effect that turns you into batman! My guildies and I really got a kick out of that, I think I'll probably using it whenever it's off CD for the next few months.

And yes, the stats are of course awesome too. The proc is a little more unpredictable than I thought as I have to be actually watching the stacks but I think it will integrate pretty well into my normal rotation after a bit of practice. At the target dummy I was doing upwards of 24-25k with only a agility flask buff. Imagine what I could do fully raid buffed on a static fight like Ultraxion!

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