Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nerd Rage Topic: heroics =/= normal

Since when did heroics become so...non-heroic? By that I mean the general player base perception of heroics, not the dungeon difficulty itself.

Yeah, yeah, wrath was too easy and heroics were a joke, I get it, I get it. I was there too so I can understand where the mentality comes from. But I mean, cata has been out almost a year now, don't people understand that the wrath days of roflstomping a heroic in 15 minutes is gone?

Normals are easy. Normals are forgiving. One-shot abilities don't actually one-shot you because a good healer can heal through most anything on normal mode. Sure, let those shock blasts go off once or twice or every single time. Go ahead and stand in front of Ozruk, eat those ground slams and shatters, I will heal your sorry ass back up to full because everyone makes mistakes, right?

Heroics are not easy. They are not forgiving. Sure, you might think it's no more difficult than normals because you were lucky and got into a good run a few times where the tank was chain pulling and you stood in the fire and someone healed you through it. It made you cocky, it made you think heroics are just like normals!

No. No they are not. If you get in with the average dungeon group, heroics are a different experience, because you will end up with 1-4 idiots who do not know the difference between a normal and heroic dungeon.

NEWS FLASH: not only do things in heroics hit you harder, faster, and more frequently in the face, one-shot mechanics will ACTUALLY one-shot you.

Normal modes are where you learn these things, but the problem is no one learns the correct thing to do because they never see that doing the wrong thing = death. You tell a noob "don't stand in this" and he does, sees that he didn't die despite standing in it, so he thinks that it's ok to stand there. You tell the noob "interrupt this ability" and he forgets, and sees that no one died from it, so he thinks you can ignore the interrupts.

Which just leads to a big clusterf**k when you enter a heroic with one of these idiots. You see them just standing there. IN FIRE. Just standing there, their hp dropping faster than the time it takes you to cast a flash heal. They die, and wonder what happened, and about half the time they jump to this amusing conclusion: "I died because you're a bad healer"

Like the time I got Stonecore with a very intellectually challenged mage. First he almost dies to trash by standing in whirlwind. I life-gripped him out a couple times and managed to keep him alive.

At Corborus, he stands in the dust trail during the submerge phase and gets one-shotted. After the fight his words are "That's really weird, I wonder how I died."

I told him that he stood in the dust trail, and his response? "I don't think so, that's never happened to me before"


Then he stands right in the crystal barrage during Slabhide, doens't even try to LoS the damn thing and dies almost immediately. After we kill him I say, "if you need an explanation on the fight just say so."

His response? "Lol I've done this place like 10 times, dude"

"Is that why you ate the crystal barrage to the face?" I asked. He just shrugged at me.

Finally at the pack of mobs with the sentry, he ignores the sentry (marked with a skull) and it ends up pulling another pack. As we're running back he says "how did we aggro the other group? That's never happened before"

I checked his achievement and lo and behold, he did not have the heroic: stonecore achievement. So the 10 times he had done Stonecore was on normal mode, which is why he was failing so miserably. I dropped group as soon as I zoned in.

What bothered me the most about his attitude was the constant "that's never happened before", which usually is an indirect way of saying it was someone else's fault, since it's clearly never happened to that player in another group. OR MAYBE it's never happened before because you've never done the goddamn heroic mode dungeon?!?! It's great that you've done the fight 10 times on normal, you know what that means? You don't know shit about the fight on heroic mode.

Healing is stressful enough, the last thing I need to hear is some snotty fail DPS pulling 4k making some thinly veiled jab and trying to blame me for their repairbill.

I'm not an unreasonable person, I don't expect you to go research the fights. I know I didn't, I simply learned from other people. Just speak up and admit you don't know it and I'd be more than happy to explain it to you. And if you're so terrible of a player that you can't even be bothered to admit that, then at least keep your mouth shut when you die and gratefully take the rez.

/end rant

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