Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Wow. The new rogue tier 13 was unveiled today, and all I have to say is...wow. It sure is one ugly set.

Yeah, everyone thinks that their class set is the ugliest (although the shamans seem to be pretty happy with the Flinstones look), I have to say this is a new low.

Rogues (like every other class) has had their ups and downs when it comes to tier sets. I personally love tier2, the bloodfang set, because I think it's both really awesome and deadly looking, while keeping in line with the whole idea of a stealthy, sneaky rogue. The dark red/black combo of the bloodfang set, combined with the not-too overdone shoulders and general motif made it look really great. The darkened headpiece that completely shrouds the face was also a great touch and made you look more sinister than ever.

The BC recolors of the tier2 set were really nice too - hence, that is why I'm collecting the dark blue/black recolor for my transmog set. I'd love to get my hands on the original bloodfang but alas, blackwing lair is not soloable...

Tier 1 set is alright too, you can tell blizz really drew some inspiration from ninjas, what with that headpiece and the scaled leg armor. While it looks nice overall, I find it a touch too bright for my tastes, and I just can't get over the bowling ball-look of the shoulderpads. If I could find an alternate shoulderpiece I'd consider getting the set for transmog.

Then blizz starts getting all weird on us. I mean, look at the Netherblade set. What is that bizarre shiny space suit all about? Because nothing says "rogue, master of stealth" like a bright glowing lavender chrome suit?

Things seem to get better with tiers 6-7, a bit too gladiator-like but still not too bad. Then blizz goes and makes it totally weird again with the Terrorblade series. What is with those creepy skeleton masks???

Tiers 9-10 I think are quite alright. Garona's set was pretty nice looking, actually. The Shadowblade set looked weird to me at first, with the tattered plague geist look and all that, but over time I grew to like the twisted, sinister look it had going on. Especially the 10H/25 version of the gear had a nice darkened look to it too.

And then came the abomination known as Wind Dancer's Regalia, which unfortunately I had to suffer through most of Cataclysm with. Those big ugly glowing shoulderpads looked awful on every single race. The helmet was truly the ugliest I'd seen in a long time (in fact I haven't seen a helmet I'd actually display since tier 2). I jumped for joy when I finally got some new shoulderpads...

Tier 12 looked great, I loved the Dark Phoenix set. Not sure why they went with that theme, but visually it looked pretty nice, even down to a mean-looking helm (which I have yet to acquire). Both the normal and heroic versions look good, though the darker purple set looks a tad bit prettier.

And now...tier 13. The ugly ass batman suit. Is this what I have to look forward to in the next patch? Thank god for transmog!

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