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Top 5...Epic Bromances

Ra ra ah ah ah, Roma roma-ma, ga, ga, ooh-la-la...what's your wow bromance?

Sometimes you see characters in wow that are just a little more than friends. The bromance is so blatantly obvious that you know it wasn't just poor dialogue choice, it was very deliberate, and shows that the devs have a sense of humor after all...

5. Kalecgos and Korialstrasz

At first they seem to be at war - the Nexus war, to be specific. But regardless of Kalec's allegiance to his flight, he admits to having deep respect and admiration for the red dragon Korialstrasz. This is fleshed out in much greater detail in the Sunwell Trilogy, the novels Night of the Dragon and Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects, to some degree.

Sure, they bicker at first, but their begrudging friendship soon gives way to a budding bromance. With Korialstrasz's unfortunate and untimely demise in the latest novel, we won't be seeing any more of this draconic bromance. But these two show that even dragons have feelings!

4. Gidwin Goldbraids and Tarenar Sunstrike

You first encounter these energetic and sometimes troublesome duo in the Eastern Plaguelands. If you follow the entirety of Fiona's caravan questchain, you'll see them bicker, banter, frolic and finally rescue each other in a dramatic conclusion.

It's so cute how they both aspired to become paladins of the argent crusade ever since they were boys. Which also begs the question, how did they meet? I mean, Tarenar is a blood elf...Gidwin is a dwarf...technically they're supposed to be hated enemies. I like to think that they both lost their parents to the scourge and grew up in the same orphanage! How they ended up with a Gypsy Worgen caravan saleswoman named Fiona I'll never know.

3. Jadaar and Asric

These two would have to be classified as the bitter old bromance, sort of like two old married people who, deep down, do love each other but bicker constantly and don't even realize what they're fighting about. They've been arguing since Shattrath city, to the Dalaran Sewers, and finally have settled at the Argent Tournament grounds, drinking and lobbing insults at each other.

Their dialogue is really funny if you take the time to listen:

Jadaar says: Remind me again why I tolerate your company, Asric.
Asric smirks wryly.
Asric says: I have decades of practice handling blowhards like yourself, and I'm the only one you know here in this abominably freezing land.
Jadaar says: I should leave you to rot in this sewer with the filth.
Asric says: No doubt.
Jadaar says: You are beneath me.
Asric says: A lowly worm, I'm sure.
Jadaar says: Stop agreeing with me!
Asric says: You're right, of course, it's a terrible practice.
Jadaar says: AGH!

And then this little gem at the Argent Tourney grounds:

Jadaar says: You realize, of course, that we would likely have to joust one another should we enter the tournament.
Asric says: There is no doubt in my mind you'd lose. Speed and wit triumphs over brute strength and bullheadedness any day of the week.
Jadaar says: Bullheadedness? It is my perseverance that has gotten us this far, dandy. You wouldn't last five seconds.
Asric says: Typical empty boasting. Still, the stables are rather distant and the drinks here are decent enough.
Jadaar says: I hear those lances are rough-hewn, too. I'm no fan of splinters.
Asric says: Just as well.

Just listening to them talk about splinters cracks me up!

2. Koltira Deathweaver and Thasaarian

They were sworn enemies in life (Thasaarian actually even killed Koltira), but in undeath they seem to have worked out their differences. They claim it's just a totally "brotherly bond" (see Thasaarian's dialogue below), but I suspect there's more at work here...

Orbaz Bloodbane says: Why do you care, Thassarian?
Orbaz Bloodbane says: His weakness led to his capture.
Orbaz Bloodbane says: Only the strong should survive. Not to mention...
Thassarian says: What, Orbaz? That he's a blood elf?
Thassarian says: In life we were hated enemies - this is true...
Thassarian says: But in death... We are the children of the damned. The bastard sons and daughters of the Scourge.
Thassarian says: In death we are brothers.
Orbaz Bloodbane says: To hell with you, Thassarian.

Don't tell me it's just camaraderie when these two are being all buddy-buddy even after going back to their respective original allegiances. You know in Andorhal when they talk about how they'll kill each other, they're staring deeply and soulfully into each other's eyes when they say that. Er, as soulfully as they can, being death knights and not having a soul and all that...

And finally, the most EPIC wow bromance of all time...

1. Tholo Whitehoof and Anren Shadowseeker

Oh, these two are totally bromantic and they don't even bother to hide it! When you first stumble upon them they are standing back-to-back (described as a 'druid combat circle'), fighting mobs and cheering each other on in a most bromantic way. Just listen to some of the stuff they say to each other:

"Together we can do anything, Anren!"
"You are a good friend, Tholo!"
"I will stay with you, Anren!"
"Stay on my back, Tholo!" (EHEM)
"I will protect you, Anren!"
"I wish I knew how to quit you, Tholo."

Ok, so that last part isn't actually in the game, but these two are completely bromantic for each other, in a way that is very reminiscent of JD and Turk. You can almost just hear them singing 'Guy Love' when you're not looking...

Double points for that fact that not only is this bromance inter-horde/alliance, inter-racial, but like, inter-SPECIES! Tholo being a tauren and Anren being a night elf, just makes this bromance mind-blowingly adorable on so many levels.

So that's it for the most epic bromances of wow. Maybe someday I can find some examples of wow girl crushes for the next blog post.

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